About La kasa Design.com

Kitchen & Bathroom Design and Renovation. Space Planning, Concept Design Development.

A professionally trained Designer and Interior Decorator within your reach offering advice and ideas based on proven design & decor principles.LA KASA DESIGN brings you Kitchen & Bathroom Design, we specialize in the creation of one-of-a-kind rooms, reflecting distinction and uniqueness. We use clients’ possessions as a canvas to achieve the desired look.If you are looking for new design ideas or decor ideas please contact us at info@lakasadesign.com. We will be more than happy to help.
    • LA kasa DESIGN offers Kitchen & Bathroom Design, Interior Decorating, Home Staging, Interior Re-Design, and Colour Consultation services.Our target clientele are private homes / properties, occupied or vacant. We assist homeowners, real estate agents, builders / developers and investors to achieve investments goals through functionality and sustainability.LA kasa DESIGN works with an integrated GREEN eye in design / staging by incorporating and recovering as much as possible existing pieces and features that could aid to transform outdated rooms into beautiful, balanced, and harmonious spaces.
our MISSION: bring colour and light to those wishing a better living through the creation of balanced and harmonious living spaces.
- Complete Kitchen and Bathroom renovations
– Condo suites renovations
– Interior Design
– Interior Decoratio
- Project Management